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Most days, you can't escape the sunny weather here in Southern California, so a good pair of sunglasses may be the key to surviving our "summer's" in January.  With their design offices strategically placed in the city of Los Angeles, Wonderland is no stranger to that concept.  


Each pair of sunglasses are designed with a destination in mind.  Every pair of shades are named after the city in which it's design is derived from.  In this case, the sunglasses here are named after the city of Colton in San Bernardino County, just outside of L.A.


Fitted with Carl Zeiss lenses and constructed with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.  Wonderland has got your back too, giving every customer a 1 year limited warranty on all sunglasses.   Just keep your receipt.


We're big fans of the quality product Wonderland puts out, year after year.  Not to mention, we love buying into that West Coast cool.



  • Carl Zeiss lenses
  • Quality materials and craftsmanship
  • 1 year limited warranty