CT 70 Hi - Blue/Blue (Wool)


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As a kid, I hated Converse.  They were too narrow and uncomfortable.  The footbed wasn't made for my wide feet and lacing them up made me look like a clown with their long silhouette.  For some reason, everyone else looked better in them than me.  


That all changed once I got myself into a pair of CT 70's.  It's not a sales pitch, Converse really has taken over my shoe closet, much to the dismay of my Vans collection.  The shoes are loaded with premium features including; a tonal wool upper, raised glossy foxing, vintage license plates, double needle toe box stitch detailing and flat cotton laces. Not to mention the updated features like the Ortholite memory foam insole.


This iteration of the Chuck Taylor 1970's is especially unique, paying homage to the school's Chuck Taylor had worked with.  As a salesman for Converse in the early days, Chuck would travel the country doing basketball clinics at colleges and universities.  This color way in particular is a reference to his time with Columbia University of New York.


The CT 70's are some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn and every day I strap a pair on, I'm reminded of the unparalleled comfort.  You need to get a pair on your feet, that's all I'm trying to say.


  • Tonal wool upper
  • Raised foxing for a period correct silhouette
  • Flat cotton laces
  • Double needle toe box stitch detail
  • Ortholite memory foam insole